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Hello and welcome to Randall Communications. We provide creative design services ranging from general Website design and development to print design and layout. We utilize Adobe® software, and hand code front-end programming such as XHTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. With about a dozen years under the belt, Randall Communications has the knowledge and experience to provide clients with the best end product. Our services include the following, but are not limited to (if you require some related services please contact us):


Far too often companies publish Websites that have poor ergonomics and dodgy design. Internet presence and collateral like email and social media are almost always underestimated, undervalued and neglected. The same can sometimes apply to print media, as well. Randall Communications can help you and your business, organization or idea take form and generate interest. Which usually means a big Return On Investment. We make it easy and fun for our clients. So sit back, relax and let us work for you!

Enjoy your stay!

Ordering work from us is as easy as 1-2-3!

Ordering, Step 1: Contact Us

It is that simple. Whatever method is easiest and most comfortable for you is fine with us. You can call us during daytime hours (US Pacific time zone) or email anytime you want. We only ask that you provide us with as much detail as possible in order to give you a quality estimate.

An example would be if you the client wanted to have a new Website built for your small business. Since this is a brand new site you would need to tell us about your business and what information you might want to include on your Website. That way we have an idea of how many pages the build would entail, along with an idea of the content going in there. Some other questions we may ask you are: do you have the domain name (ie - www.yourname.com) and the hosting services (the physical place that stores the Website)? Do you have content ready and available for us to use or will we need to write copy? Do you have photographs and videos? What is your target demographic? Do you want the social networking (Facebook, Twitter, email programs, etc) done as well?

The more details you can provide us initially, the easier the overall process. Please go to the Contact section to get ahold of us today.

Ordering, Step 2: Work With Us

Once Randall Communications has returned your inquiry with an estimate and you the client has accepted the terms of the contract, we will begin the process. We have served many clients and by far the easiest and best jobs are always with a client willing to work closely with us and answer our questions rapidly. The process can be very complicated and compounded by difficulties encountered during the work. We always try to be self-sufficient but at times that can be impossible due to only the client knowing answers to certain questions.

A great example of this is working on a logo and branding. This is a standard job for any graphic designer but can prove to be very easy or next to impossible depending on the client involved. When we begin working on initial logo mock-ups for you the client, we may provide as many as a dozen variations and alternatives to show the different possibilities. When the client does not answer in a timely manner or simply dismisses the concepts it can stall the creative process and seriously tax the designer working on the job. Often times a typical job will involve at least 3 times of going back and forth with potential solutions. Simply being prepared for this will help us tremendously and help you be very satisfied with the results.

The quicker you can answer our inquiries, the easier the creative process. Please look at our samples if you need some idea of what the end product may look like.

Ordering, Step 3: Get Your Goal

It is no secret to us that the goal of you the client is to get the best work for your money. We strive to offer great quality services to our clients at very fair rates. The cost of a project is largely determined by the amount of work involved. Generally, most jobs will be billed on an ongoing hourly basis. On some occasions we may provide a total cost involved and charge only that price. However, that is rare due to the uncertain amount of time involved with most jobs. For example, a simple information-based Website is usually a much quicker job than an online store with many products offered for sale. The difference can be staggering. We always strive to be realistic in our work estimates. We would much rather you know the potential time involved up front rather than get frustrated part-way through a job and cancel the contract.

While we don't necessarily have a menu of prices due to the endless variables that can affect the time invested, we will return your estimate request quickly so you can decide whether this would be a good fit for you and your company. It is much easier for both parties to have a custom tailored appraisal.

We can guarantee you will be pleased with our work, provided you are willing to work with us. Thank you for choosing Randall Communications!

Contact us today and get your FREE estimate!


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