Every once in a great while, Randall Communications may start thinking and possibly form an opinion. We realize that is not in our best interest but cannot simply bite our lip in disgust or stomp our feet in delight anymore. No more! Most entries in the Op-Ed section may seem on the negative side, but just realize we are super happy... occasionally. Just please don't call it that dirtiest of dirties: a blog.

Kreskin likes that idea.

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Buying The Pre-Fab Farm

Since the dawn of apathy, there have been pre-built solutions to everything anyone may need. Ever. There are finished furnishings, complete meals to go delivered through your window in to your running vehicle, Halloween costumes in a bag, pre-fabricated homes, and of course now there are pre-built Websites. For a low* monthly fee, you can create a bland and monotonous site for your fledgling business. (* "low" generally does not include set up fees, domain name and hosting fees, and a minimum length contract)... [READ MORE]


Major Logo Biting

It all began in the year of our Lord, 1968. Jerry Dior of Sandgren & Murtha Marketing created what is arguably the most influential and recognizable logo in American history. The classic Major League Baseball icon. It is the penultimate expression of a game, instantly apparent that the graphic is of a batter ready to smash the ball in front of him in to the upper deck. Dior probably had no inkling of how many people the world over would revere his creation. And of course with followers come imitators... [READ MORE]



Possibly the most glaring, distracting sign of unintelligence is simply copying others in an endeavor where originality or creativity is a prerequisite. Some hyper annoying examples of this are the rash of TV programs blueprinted almost verbatim from the innovator. While American Idol may not have been the first entertainment program of it's nature, it certainly perfected the idea through a combination of high production values, a panel of interesting judges and a mixture of talented and wacky guests to keep both sides of the audience begging for more. In the past few seasons, a number of copycat shows have tried to ride on the coattails of American Idol's fame and fortune. While their stupid names escape me at the moment, I really don't want to know what they are called. It is a pathetic attempt to make money relying on other peoples work... [READ MORE]