All the designs fit to print. The printed arts encompass everything from giant billboards on the road to t-shirts on your back. For any company, getting print work done at some point is absolutely necessary whether it is to bring in customers, announce the brand to the masses, spread a message or announcement, or simply to show off some beautiful artwork.

How It Works

The art of the print is hallowed ground for any designer worth their toner. Whether it dates back to when tiny, dirty hands were running huge iron presses in the back of a dusty shop, or to the oddly mesmerizing dot-matrix printed 'Happy Birthday' banners, printed works offer a tangible and real composition to engross on-lookers. The process has changed dramatically over the decades and centuries, but the premise is always the same. The artist has an icon or design in mind, and arranges that out on a single plane. The traditional method was to use physical cut outs and lay them on a page, or the modern method of using a computer program. Akin to a symphony composer the designer works to place and balance all the elements involved. Once a draft or three has been attempted the final configuration is set and usually many prints are made from this single masterpiece. *Exit stage left*

Steps involved in Print Design

* The usage of the image of a dot-matrix printer is in parody only and not intended to harm any printer's feelings

Randall Communications offers many services related to print design including advertisements, apparel, photography modification and composition, poster, book, and periodical design. Please inquire with us directly about your specific requirements.

Samples of Works

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MOR Landscaping brochure

Designed this 8½" x 3½" two-side mailer brochure for a landscaping firm. Client wanted an updated informational piece to send to all their customers, past and present. With very little content provided we had to dig and find some interesting pieces to use. We started with an actual design plan and cleaned that up for the front background, and used a nice photo for the back after heavily reworking that as well. Using circular elements to infer an organic feeling, the brochure was laid out with as much critical information as deemed necessary by the client. We offered them both serif and sans-serif variations, and they chose the former option. Bold and colorful, the piece really pops and is easy to digest.


Cork for a Cause label stickers

Created small stickers for branding wine bottle labels. Used Photoshop® to create PDFs for the printer. Client already had many crates of labeled wine bottles and needed a way to differentiate them for each charity a customer could benefit with their purchase. We made small sticker labels to go on the center of each label ribbon to denote which cause the bottle was purchased to support. Below is a small sampling of the labels Randall Communications created.

image image image image

Retrofix advertisement

Made this half-page poster for a handyman business. We wanted the advertisment to catch the attention of people in need of maintenance repairs, thus we opted for the bare drywall imagery for the background. The copper pipes were utilized as a clean eye-catching element that gives the ad some depth and the allusion of how the post-repair work will look. Since the client did not yet have a Website, they opted to have the common contact number tags along the bottom of this half standard sized poster.

image image

Realty informational brochures

Designed standard size single-page series of brochures for realtor, using Adobe InDesign® and Photoshop®. These represent a very typical job for print designers, whom probably notice how poorly designed many realty brochures really are (especially high-end properties, which makes very little sense). In an attempt to put some style and direction on the ubiquitous realty flyer, we ventured mixing clean informational layouts and intriguing photos to capture potential buyers attention. Randall Communications provided the photography for these, as well.

image image

Anniversary announcement

Designed standard size brochures for grandparents anniversary, using Adobe Photoshop®. We took some old family photos and reworked them a little for this penultimate occasion! There were two final versions, one with a flowery background for a Sunday brunch feeling, and the other with a full photo background for a very clean look.

image image

Apparel illustrations

Illustrated custom apparel designs, using Adobe Illustrator® and Photoshop®. Randall Communications has designed many custom apparel illustrations for a variety of clients, usually intended to be a "onesie" for someone's newborn. These are always fun and low-stress jobs which we revel in providing memories that will hopefully last forever. Or at least until lunch is lost one too many times on the product!


Wedding announcement

Designed postcard size, single-side mailer for a wedding, using Adobe Photoshop®. This was a fun and challenging job done for friends of Randall Communications, so we really attempted to provide a high end mailer with very minimal content provided. Armed only with a few poor-quality images of the couple, we transformed them a lá Cinderella getting ready for the ball. By creating a clean and colorful composition with some personal touches, the client couple was enamored with the final product. We were proud to be even a small part of this union.

image image

Business cards

Designed custom business cards, using Adobe Illustrator® and Photoshop®. Always a staple of the print designer, creating business cards can be a frustrating and trying process, but a very rewarding one nonetheless. Although due to their diminutive size they can seem an easy task, the massive existence of 'biz' cards proves coming up with unique designs a bit difficult at times. These two samples show how varied they look from the photographic background to the simple illustration style.

image image

Apparel illustrations

Illustrated apparel designs for Greater Good Network, using Adobe Illustrator® and Photoshop®. Having designed many different illustrations over the years for Greater Good, the process was always fun but never too easy. Much of the apparel (typically shirts) was custom made in-house. Ranging from products for audiences of the Animal Rescue Site to supporters of The Hunger Site, the variety offered an interesting mix of ideas. While not necessarily the absolute best designs, these two offer a window in to the typical shirt designs.